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Baby Aqua Club

Baby Aqua Club


Baby Aqua Club is great fun both for the little one as well as his or her parents. This is because swimming is one of the few forms of physical exercise which can be pursued with a baby nearly since the day the baby is born.  
Playing in water gives the little one the opportunity for good physical and mental development. Kids get to know and test their motor abilities: they grab toys, thrown balls and splash each other with water.  They often undertake in water the first actions which allow them to move comfortably from place to place.  
Parents are the most important people for little children. Hence, parents take part in classes along with their child. In this way they create an extraordinary duo which learns together through play.  As they grow up, these young swimmers integrate with other children and take part in group games in which they create bonds with their peers. 
According to parents, children who frequent the swimming pool eat better, sleep soundly and develop faster than their peers who do not.  
Playing in water plays a vital role in stimulating the speed and quality of a child’s  physical and mental development. We play together with children who have osteoarticular difficulties or neurological disorders. 
Baby Aqua Club is organized by SWIM TEST instructors.  Classes are based on the Halliwick Concept. Children of the same age take part in 30 minute classes. The younger group (little ones from 3 months to 2 years) is made up of four children with their parents while the older group comprises 8 pairs. Guardians and instructors become the aunties and uncles of the children during classes and the children learn each others’ names. 
You can check the current Baby Aqua Club timetable at the ‘Schedules’ tab. 

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