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Sauna & Jacuzzi

Sauna & Jacuzzi


The Recreation complex has two saunas at your disposal: 
 A STEAM ROOM – also known as Roman baths – is a sauna which maintains approximately 100% humidity but lower temperatures of between 40 to 50oC.  It is a great way of moisturizing your body and relaxation.  
 A HOT ROOM – a modern sauna made of cedar wood and otherwise known as a Finnish sauna – where humidity is relatively low, between 5 and 10%, and where the temperature oscillates between 85 and 110oC.
What are the benefits of using a sauna?
They include:
 Boosting your immunity against all sorts of viral infections and colds
 Strengthening your body and mind
 Cleansing your body of accumulated toxins
 Improving your circulation
Do find at your disposal an ice machine (an innovation!).  It is a special device resembling an ice cube maker which produces crushed ice.   Rubbing-down with crushed ice after taking a sauna has many health as well as beauty benefits, such as:
 Reduction of muscle tension
 A palliative and anti-inflammatory effect 
 Increased immunity 
 A rise in hormones and an increased metabolic rate
 Reinforcement of blood vessels
 Oxidation of cells which leads to an increase in fat burning
 Rejuvenating effect of the cold on skin which becomes toned and more smooth
 A natural peeling effect with ice flakes reduces cellulite
 Rubbing hands and feet in particular stimulates blood flow
Frozen water is a source of everything that is good for us.  Hence you are heartily invited to utlize these therapeutic properties of ice in our Centre.  
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