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Swim test swimming lessons

SWIM TEST swimming lessons


Swimming lessons can take the form of learning ‘from scratch’ or of working on perfecting swimming strokes.  A swimming course lasts 2.5 months whilst each individual lesson takes 45 minutes.  Lessons take place in groups of 5 to 8 participants.  

Lessons are conducted by qualified SWIM TEST swimming instructors using proven teaching techniques and methods.  
• PRESCHOOLERS – children ages 4-5
Learning to adapt to the world of water takes the form of games.  Lessons are carefully planned by the instructor and take place in a group of 7. During the lessons, young swimmers gain the following skills:
  • Feeling at ease in water
  • Reacting calmly to external stimuli
  • Submerging their head
  • Opening their eyes under water
  • Managing active exhalation while submerged in water
Preschoolers who can easily and comfortably move in water learn the back stroke and crawl as well as diving into and under water.  
Course participants have the option of learning at 6 different levels of ability:
- Basic swim lessons – we teach how to feel at ease in water, how to actively exhale into water, submerging your head, displacement, gliding on your front and back and finally – leg movements while swimming on your front and on your back as well as basic jumps into water
- Levels 1 to 5 – we teach each swimming stroke one by one; we pay attention mainly to the following skills:  movement techniques, effectiveness of movements, breathing and motor coordination. During lessons we progressively increase the distance swum as well as change the swimming tempo. This results in shaping the swimmer’s endurance, i.e. the fitness capabilities of the trainees. In terms of new elements, we introduce flip turns with each stroke taught as well as start dives into the pool.  
In order to sign your child up for a course just register their names at the reception of Cascada Sports and Recreation Centre no later than the end of June on each year. 
The ‘Schedules’ tab will provide you with the current schedule of swimming lessons.
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