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KRAUL swimming lessons

KRAUL swimming lessons


The company KRAUL invites you to swimming lessons at the Cascada Sports and Recreation Centre swimming pool. The universal character of the building – a 16 meter swimming basin with 3 one-and-a-half-meter-deep lanes and a wading pool – makes offering classes to nearly all age groups possible:  children aged 4 as well as school-age youth and adults at all levels of swimming ability. 

In the wading pool – we start from the basics
The instructor (who works with children in the water) to children ratio is not more than one to three.  Little students engaged in play quickly learn to submerge their heads while holding their breath in their lungs.  The next step is learning the back stroke and swimming on your front with the use of colourful devices and swimming floats until suddenly all ‘teaching aids’  become redundant.  We assist in selecting the appropriate group which corresponds to your child’s ability.
In swimming lanes – the refining of swim strokes.
One instructor works with a maximum of 7 students.  The first level involves getting comfortable in water, displacement and breathing exercises, facial immersion, front and back glides, leg movement in front paddle and back paddle, basic water jumps, swimming simplified freestyle and back stroke.  
At the second level we emphasise progressive enhancement of the techniques learnt while adding other elements (such as flip turns and start dives) and working on overall physical conditioning.
A small pool (16 meters in length and 1.5 meters in depth) as well as an easy-going atmosphere during lessons create very comfortable conditions in which to conquer one’s fear of water.  Two instructors work with small groups in water.  The swimming pool at that time is reserved for students only. 
For more information on swimming lessons with KRAUL – click here


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