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Aqua aerobic

Aqua aerobic


Aquaerobics is a combination of aerobics and swimming.  This form of exercise comes from corrective gymnastics, and more specifically from rehabilitative exercises in water.  Aerobics in water is a great way of shedding excess pounds.  During one hour of training in the swimming pool you can burn as many as 600 calories.  Aquaerobics is also recommended for elderly people who may suffer from osteoarticular system conditions.  The force of water displacement creates the sensation that the body is lighter and it is easier to do the exercises.  

There are many benefits of training in water.  First and foremost fat tissue is reduced.  Such training is easy on joints and the spinal column.  It improves flexibility and strengthens back and buttocks muscles.  It reduces muscle tension, develops muscles and aids in getting rid of cellulite. It also raises the elasticity of tendons and ligaments.  It  augments motor coordination and facilitates posture correction.  While you exercise, the body releases endorphins, which have a favourable effect on our mood, eliminating tension and stress.  Even though we hardly feel any physical effort during this exercise, our muscles are working very intensively. 
Classes take 45 minutes. 
You can check the aquaerobics timetable at the ‘Schedules’ tab. 


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